Humans of Fishers: What’s your passion?


Junior Ella Schnefke describes her passion. Photo by Reily Sanderson.

Reily Sanderson , News Editor


Senior Phil Tran: I am really passionate about business, because my mom was an entrepreneur, my uncle’s an entrepreneur and i want to be an entrepreneur. I actually am, I own a painting business right now.

Junior Ella Schnefke: I’m really passionate about laws and social justice but also about the you know world, whats that word called, environment, so I’m vegan

English teacher Christina Ripley: I am most passionate about learning people’s stories. That’s why I became a teacher, I really enjoy getting to know my students, hearing where they come from, what their story is, what their goals are and also helping them learn other people’s stories as well.

Junior Kenzie Shaw: I’m passionate about fulfilling my aspirations in life so getting to my goal job, I guess, working in the ER and helping people. I want to work in the ER because it’s like crazy and quick like I am and you have to like stay on your feet, and you’re always moving around and you never sit down.