Students Prepare for the Upcoming SAT


English teacher Phillip Albonetti discusses information about the SAT to his after school SAT Prep class. Photo by Mandy Lewellen.

Mandy Lewellen , Comic Artist

There are many opportunities to study for the upcoming the Scholastic Aptitude Test or (SAT) with classes inside and out of school, websites geared to help students achieve and study guide books.

The SAT opens registration for the Nov. 5 testing date. To prepare for the test, students can attend the study sessions offered by the school with English and SAT Prep teacher Phillip Albonetti. Students can also purchase a SAT Prep Study Guide book.

“I believe no matter who the student studies with, they should at least buy the SAT Study Guide,” says English teacher and SAT Prep teacher Phillip Albonetti.

Students can visit sites like Khan Academy, which provides a variety of different practice test from english writing to math. Those who  struggle with SAT vocabulary can use Free Vocabulary which provides five thousand free words with brief definitions to study on for individual or classroom use.