Campus Life gives chance to connect with community


Campus Life is a Christan organization where students can meet new people and play games. They meet Tuesday’s from 7:25-9 at the fellowship hall behind Fishers United Methodist Church. Photo by Nick Hopper.

Campus Life offers an opportunity to make friends, talk about God and play games.  It is organized by a group called Youth For Christ. They work together with other church organizations and Christians.

“My favorite part is knowing that every week I am going to go and see a room full of people in high energy and even if  none of my friends are going that week I know there will be people there inviting me to come hang out with them,” freshman Lilly Hannon said.

Students from FHS and HSE work together to play games while having the chance to speak about God and ask questions. They focus on team building games while finding a way to meet new people. Campus Life wants to provide students with the skills they need for the world.

“I think the difference from most church events versus Campus Life is that church events are more centered around getting closer to God while Campus Life focuses more on the relationships you make through all of the events it has,” freshman Peyton Forbes said. 

Each year, Campus Life offers two retreats. In the fall they offer Go Mad, a weekend trip where attendees play games with more people. In the summer there is a weeklong YFC retreat. To find out more go to Campus Life for Fishers.

“I have learned a lot of life lessons through this and I am glad I joined,” senior Jacob Raifsnider said.