FHS wins spirit award, accepts with mannequin challenge


Students help Senior LeShawn Bocot hold a handstand in preparation for the mannequin challenge on Nov. 19 in the main gym. Photo by Hannah Nguyen.

Haley Thomas, News Editor

Tigers accepted the the WTHR spirit award in the main gym after school Nov. 14.  It was the fourth time FHS has won the award since it opened 11 years ago, and students who attended participated in a “mannequin challenge” to celebrate.

“I liked [the challenge] because it was fun and new,” junior Anushay Ansari said. “A lot of people showed up which shows how much spirit we have and that we deserve the award. I have been to football games and it is always a rage.”

The mannequin challenge is an internet trend where participants hold poses, like mannequins, for a video. For this challenge, a WTHR camera man took a video of the students. When WTHR reporter Dave Calabro announced that FHS won, students relaxed from their positions and began to cheer.

“I like how this year we have been doing a lot of pop culture things, like this and the lip dub,” Ansari said. “I feel like the more popularity we get the more we will get our voice out for fundraising things like the Riley Dance Marathon.”

The video of the challenge appeared on channel 13 WTHR on Nov. 14. A shortened version can be found on their website.