Hamilton County poll workers overcome long lines



Voters cast ballots on election day. Photo used with the permission of the Tribune News Service.

Ethan O'Sullivan, Reporter

Hamilton County voters on Election Day were overwhelmed, according to the Indy Star. Several precincts faced long lines, like at the Hamilton Southeastern Junior High where extra voting booths had to be distributed to meet the 6:00 o’clock deadline. Junior Danielle Harrison, who worked at Harrison Parkway Elementary, Precinct Delaware 302, agrees

“Lines were very long for the two other precincts at out location, though I was lucky that the precinct I was working for was very small and avoided that problem,” Harrison said.

Major factors that may contribute to long voting lines, according to the Huffington Post, are the amount of workers available per precinct, at the quality of training given to each worker. On average, poll workers receive anywhere from two to three hours of training each election.

The trustworthiness of poll workers was called into question a few days prior to the election, as the Trump Campaign accused the elections of being rigged. The duties of the poll workers, however, are limited.

“My responsibility was to check people in and confirm who they were and that they had the correct address, so I could ensure they were voting at the correct location,” Harrison said.

Despite the long lines, the Hamilton County polls were able to meet their deadline. By 7:30, the polls had their results sent to election officials where they were counted into the grand total. For more information, click here.