No-Shave November brings out competitive spirits


The No-Shave November bracket hangs on the wall outside cafe B and is updated with current placements at the end of each week. Photo by Lia Benvenutti.

Lia Benvenutti, In-Depth Editor

Nowadays every month of the year is used as an advocate for a cause or purpose. One of the events which was created last year by the NHS, is the No-Shave November competition to raise money for Riley.

“The first one was last year and it was a really big success. We raised almost $9000 I think, which is awesome. Someone just came up with the idea and it went over really well,” senior Marissa Logan said.

Male teachers are pitted against each other in a bracket similar to the NCAA’s. The teachers who raise the most money at the end of each week advance to the next week until there are only two left. Students have taken to being “campaign managers” for their certain teachers as well as offering things, like food, in return for donations.

“People love having incentives to donate and supporting a teacher. It’s just a fun thing to do,” Logan said.

Because this year is only the second year of the competition being held, there were a few changes made to the set-up of the contest. For example, fewer teachers were entered in the contest to begin with, and there is one less week in the contest as a whole.

“It kind of turns a good cause into a fun competition to get the word out more,” senior Stephanie Curry said.

The NHS hopes to raise even more money this year to support Riley Children’s hospital and to remind the students and faculty that everything involved is truly For The Kids.