Students come together to help animals in need


Club vice-president Lesa Thai assists sophomore Brianna Weiss on Nov 29 in the preparation for upcoming bake sale fundraiser. Photo by Helen Rumell.

Brady, a Jack Russell Terrier, lived with his owners for seven years before they neglected him. This was especially destructive because Brady suffers from diabetes and was in need of medication and care. Fishers Veterinary Hospital  eventually rescued Brady. Due to the efforts of the leaders of the Animal Adoption Club sophomores Logan Faircloth, Hollyn Weideman, Lesa Thai and Avery Cox, Brady found a new home.

Faircloth, the club president, initially came up with the idea from seeing Brady’s story when working at the Fishers Veterinary Hospital.

“It’s crazy that we don’t already have a club here at Fishers, especially after so long. There are so many people who love their animals and love dogs and cats. Why wouldn’t we?” Faircloth said.

By creating this club, Faircloth made it possible to publicize the animals in desperate need for a home with signs posted around the halls. The club is in the process of fundraising for the Hamilton Humane Society from November 29th to December 9th.

The club is also planning to start up another fundraiser in the spring and partner up with the Hamilton Humane Society by putting together a Dog Walk n’ Wash. They hope to plan a school-wide adoption event for all students to help give these animals a home.

Animal Adoption Club is calling out to all animal-lovers for a paws-on experience in helping dogs and cats and needs.

“If you want to advocate for animals and find homes for them. Just doing as much as we can. I think that’s pretty important,” Faircloth said.