ASL club talks about sign language


Heather Berry explains the club’s next event by using sign language. Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

Any student can attend American Sign Language (ASL) club, sponsored by sign language teacher Heather Berry.

“This club actually started before I came to Fishers, so I took over the club when I took the job,” Berry said.

The club does a different activity each meeting. It varies from watching movies with no audio, only sign language and subtitles, to having a game day.

“Last month, we went to Red Robin and had a silent meal. I got a round table so everyone could see each other, which is important with sign language. We ate and used sign instead of talking,” Berry said.

The ASL club meets on the last Wednesday of every month for 45 minutes to an hour. Currently, the club has six to ten members attend each meeting.

“The club is not about learning the language so much as using the language and doing some activities that we can’t do in class,” Berry said.

For more information about ASL club, contact Heather Berry here.