Orchestra lifts audience’s spirits with holiday tunes


The Philharmonic Orchestra playing their last melody on the stage decorated with Winter ornaments on Dec.7th. Photo taken by Seana Jordan.

Seana Jordan, Reporter

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, all of the orchestras came together for a holiday performance. Each one performed pieces that are popular among this holiday season.

The admission to the concert was free, but the attendees were asked to bring in canned food donations. Band director Charles Kunz noted that there are about 83,000 children in Indiana that are extremely malnourished. The donations all went to local food banks in the area. 

The orchestras performed two pieces about the well-known play, “The Nutcracker.” Each piece was described by orchestra members before it was played. Many traditional pieces were played as well. The department made sure to include a variety of religions in this performance.

The theater department collaborated with the Symphonic Orchestra, acting out a scene titled “Yes Virginia,” while the orchestra played “Angel in the Bleak Wind.” The scene depicted a little girl’s letter to the editor of New York’s Sun asking if there was a Santa Claus.

At the end of the concert, there was a standing ovation and fake snow falling from the stage ceiling.

“I think we did a good job and definitely did better than we did in rehearsal,” freshman Rachel Lee said.

Rachel is the concert master (first violinist) for the Symphonic Orchestra. Shen notes that all of the groups have put in a lot of work to get this concert together.

“We practice about every other day in my orchestra, but the more advanced groups practice pretty much everyday,” Lee said. 

The orchestra department’s upcoming events include the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) and solo competitions beginning in March.