Zoo animals welcome the holiday season


The entrance to the zoo was full of Santas helpers. They would stamp your hand and take photos with the children. After that they would lead you to the green house to go visit Santa. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


Santa sits in his chair greeting all the kids who stand in line to see him. He accepts each Christmas list with a smile from each child as they sit on his lap and tell him what they want. They end with a photo to remember the experience. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


Jumping from limb to limb on the tree branch the red panda was very active with only a few people around to see. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.



Kiak, an Alaskan brown bear, ate her dinner while people watched. She also ran around and ended all her actives by rolling around on the ground. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


This lion fish was the most active of all the fish. The fish would swim in loops as his fish friends would try to mock him. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


Lights illuminated the zoo all over. All of the trees were decorated with a different theme of lights. Some of the trees and the zoo water park would play music with a light show. They had fake waterfalls created with blinking lights to give the illusion that it was running water. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


The flamingos wadded in the water enjoying the cool December night. None of the flamingos seemed to be asleep but all were active and moving around. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


The dolphins show starts out with the dolphin Jack saying hello in a bunch of different ways. At the end of the show they had all four dolphins spinning and doing tricks together. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


For the holiday season the zoo brought in a reindeer named Anna.  Kids were told that to fly, Anna needed to eat magic corn, and she could not have any at that time. She was friendly and licked some of the kids. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.


The Green Tree Python was the only snake who was not his hiding. His exhibit is built to look and feel like an Australian rain forrest, where the rest of his species lives. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.