Students can get involved to help the needy


A 33-room house, Third Phase is a Christian Center located on the south side of Noblesville, which receives and provides shelter for homelessness. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza.

Carolina Puga Mendoza, Reporter

Hundreds of organizations and shelters throughout the country help those in need. Seniors Noah Alderton, Grace Balasko, Matthieu Picard and Jack Ryan are the students who participate in meetings regards the homeless as well plan ways to help them. For more information check out the upcoming print issue on Jan. 27.

“Some practical steps that we recommend is you can actually go and buy a meal for a homeless,” Picard said.

There are places in Indianapolis like shelters for veterans such as “Volunteers of America” who provide case management, financial support, employment services and programs for discharged veterans. Students may donate money as a gift which can be monthly or a one-time gift according to Volunteers of America Indiana. “Stand Up for Kids” is a organization for those under the age of 18. Students can donate new or slightly use clothing, food, hygiene products or first aid products; every item goes directly to the kids.

“Dayspring Center” shelters families and helps them to get an affordable home. To get involved students may participate in events like meal preparation and serving, organizing donations, special events or fundraising. Homeless Shelters Directory provides names of organizations that help the homelessness in any city or state.

“One nice things is that a lot of people often times are overlook sadly, so you can sit down with them and have a conversation and show that you really care about them as an individual,” Picard said.