Show choirs host invitational to start performance season


Silver Electrum performs one of their sets at the fall concert on Oct. 6. Photo taken by Hayley Burris.

Seana Jordan , Reporter

Saturday January 28, our school will be hosting the Silver Spotlight Invitational. Show choirs from all over Indiana will come to perform all day.

Performers will get there at 6 a.m to begin the event. Our choirs, Silver Sound and Silver Electrum, have to be there from 5 a.m to the end which also includes clean up. They will not be performing but get to watch the other choirs do their sets.

The students that are not in the advanced choirs will be volunteering to help run things for judges, cleaning, announcing and numerous other jobs. The money from the event will be going to additions needed for the choir department such as music and outfits.

“People should go because it is a fun event with amazing choirs that have worked hard on their shows,” junior Darlene Kinslow said.

Kinslow is a member of Silver Sound and says that the event will have choirs from out of state attending. Tickets will be around 15 dollars and the event is open to the public.

“Whoever goes will have the opportunity to meet new people and get to know them all while listening and watching some spectacular sets,” Kinslow said.