The author of “The Kindness Diaries” shares the fuel that drives humanity


Leon Legothetis travels through the streets with a single backpack while searching for a place to stay for free as a part of his international travels. Photo by Helen Rummel.

Before kids can understand the concept of giving, they are taught “It is better to give than receive.”

This is the take that one man Leon Legothetis, British personality, has on his entire life. Only, he has taken his philosophy to greater lengths with his new show “The Kindness Diaries” currently streaming on Netflix.

It is described as, “One man’s quest to ignite goodwill and transform lives around the world.” Legothetis is doing just that, traveling from one area of poverty to the next finding places to stay only through charitable strangers. Its purpose is to give back to many of these hosts.

April 28, Legothetis will visit for an hour-long session on his views on the importance of kindness and being charitable.

“This is important because a lot of the time we don’t think about how fortunate we are and general ways to be kind. Some people that have a lot wouldn’t be as kind as people who don’t have that much,” sophomore Alyssa Lester said.

Admission for the event is free and all students are invited to attend.