A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes the stage


Junior Abagail Zagel, playing Hermia, and sophomore Lexi Esterle, playing Helen, argue over the trick played on them by the fairy Puck. Photo by Mo Wood.

Mo Wood , Editor in Chief

Senior Jacob Foy, playing Demetrius, defends Helen from junior Abagail Zagel, playing Hermia, who is convinced Helen stole her lover Lysander. Photo by Mo Wood.

Demetrius, played by senior Jacob Foy, attempts to woo Helen, played by sophomore Lexi Esterle, after a spell is cast on him to make him fall in love with the first thing he saw. Photo by Mo Wood.

Junior Brayton Wilds, playing Nick Bottom, angered that his friends abandoned him in the woods, decides to sing a song to show them he is not afraid. Photo by Mo Wood.

Junior Lily Brown-Frederick, playing Puck, slides onto the stage to address her king, Lord Oberon. Photo by Mo Wood.

Juniors Lily Brown-Frederick and Ethan Conner, playing Puck and Oberon, watch as the l0vers debate over Helen after Puck places a love spell on Lysander and Demetrius. Photo by Mo Wood.