Japanime Club unites anime fans


Juniors Renae Ricketts and Madison Emond discuss and watch anime after school.

Hallie Galliant, Reporter

Whether they are fans of Japanese culture or newcomers to the world of anime, students are invited to come to English teacher Kelli Jacobs’s room or the CCA to watch anime after school.


During meetings of the club, members are allowed to bring in anime to watch, as long as it is school appropriate. The rest of the club will vote on what anime they want to watch if there is more than one option available.


“Sometimes we’ll go down to the CCA and watch anime in one room and have games in another,” sophomore and president of Japanime Arianna Wityshyn said. The vice president will sometimes bring Pocky’s to the meetings for snacks.”


Sometimes parties are also had at the meetings for holidays such as Halloween or for cos players.


Japanime is currently free, however some events do require payment. A T-shirt competition is also held at the end of the year, and these do require payment to purchase.


The club will be continuing next year. Meetings are usually held every other week on either Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday or Friday. Plans to discuss more about what anime means and how it affects people is also being considered for next year, according to Arianna Wityshyn.


“People come to the club just to have fun. No one judges in there and friends are made,” Wityshyn said.