Review: Outdoor movies create family-friendly environment for all ages


The Oscar-Nominated 2017 musical “La La Land” plays at the Nickel Plate Amphitheater on Sept. 22. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza.

Enjoy movie night with friends and family under the starry sky. The city of Fishers offers a weekly Friday screening of moderately recent films at the Nickel Plate Amphitheater through Sept. 29.

Screenings occur in the spring and fall. During the spring, the showings target children and in fall, the movies displayed are aimed out for young adults. 

The event is free to the public and food carts are available at the back of the park. People are also welcome to bring their own snacks. My time during the movie was surprisingly silent. People are respectful of the quiet environment, the volume is clear, creating a comfortable setting to enjoy the movie. I noticed elderly couples and groups of kids, as well as some teenagers, laying down on a blanket or sitting comfortably in their own chairs while eating popcorn.

Watching a movie outside is a change in the game because you get to enjoy company of more people and get the fresh breeze of the night. But, you need to arrive early or else the good seats can be taken.

Movies include subtitles for the comfort of the viewer in case sound is not high enough for them.

The next screening will be of Beauty and the Beast (2017) on Sept. 29. Check Fishers’s official page for the upcoming movies. here.