Yoga Club builds healthy bodies and minds


Club members follow a video by actress Adriene Mishler on August 31. Photo by Sydney Greenwood.

Sydney Greenwood, Reporter

Yoga Club is offering students a chance to exercise and destress together.

“I love that we can come together and exercise together, because you don’t need to be super fit or a yoga pro to do this.  You can invite any of your friends, it’s not a super exclusive club,” junior Lydia Hale said.

Every Thursday afternoon, members of Yoga Club can be found stretching and exercising.  French teacher and club sponsor, Madame Ginter, plays a video, such as one from Adriene Mishler’s tutorial series, ‘”Yoga With Adriene,” and the members warm up with stretches.  The videos teach club members poses like Downward-Facing Dog or Child’s Pose.

“Some of the videos we do actually focus on stress.  We always focus on a specific part, just for legs or core or stress,” said Hale.  This is her second year in the club.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health published information showing that yoga reduced pain and depression over a six month period more than standard care did.

Yoga Club meets each Thursday in Cafe A immediately after school.  They suggest bringing a yoga mat or towel.  No prior experience is required, and all levels are welcome.  For more information, contact Madame Ginter.