Group fights for environment free from stigma


Students meet with teachers and professionals in mental health to discuss strategies to end the mental health stigma in the CCA cafeteria on Oct. 12. Photo by Edmund Lewellen.

Edmund Lewellen, Graphics Editor

On the third Thursday of every month, Stigma Free Fishers club meets in the CCA cafeteria to discuss mental health and breaking down the marks of disgrace, known as stigmas, associated with it.

“Teachers are afraid to talk about it. Students are afraid to talk about it,” Guidance counselor Natalie Ridings said.

Their goal is to help the public realize the importance of mental health and increase awareness of what depression truly is.  They want to educate teens on depression, anticipating for “time to move on and let people know.” They discussed spreading this education through student-run media and publications, but for their first goal is to establish a larger club membership. They plan to spread the word by distributing flyers and asking attendees to bring friends to the next meeting on Nov. 16th. 

If you or a loved one are experiencing depression please call your local health line or talk to your counselor. The schoolpartners with Community Health Network, providing counselors and parents can work together to spread the word of the importance of mental health.