Rund replacement, Scot Black, introduces himself


Scot Black prepares for his fifth period class on Oct. 11, on his third day of teaching at FHS. Photo by Zoie Soehngen.

Zoie Soehngen, Reporter

Starting as a new teacher at the beginning of the year is hard enough, but starting mid-semester could be even more challenging. New performing arts teacher Scott Black took over teaching four classes on Oct. 9. He succeeded the former theater department head, Matthew Rund, who became a teacher at a different high school.

“Coming mid-semester has posed somewhat of a challenge,” Black said. “However, Mr. Rund, the administration and my new students were so welcoming and helpful that the move has been fairly seamless.”

Although Black took over Rund’s classes, Andy Smith has became the performing arts director. Black’s schedule includes ACP Speech, AP Seminar, Theatre 3 and 4 and IB Theatre. ACP Speech is where Black feels the most confident.

“Communication is the foundation of my classes,” Black said. “I’ve never taught AP Seminar, but I can foresee that class being a lot of fun as well. I got into teaching because of theatre, and it has been awhile since I’ve taught [a theatre class], but the department is amazing.”

Each of Black’s classes has unique set of characteristics. Most focus on a form of communication. It could be public speaking, argumentation or the pursuit of a student communicating a message to an audience for entertainment, according to Black.

“The students here have so much energy and enthusiasm has made my first week a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year,” Black said.