Spanish classes and Students in Action help rebuild Puerto Rico


Spanish classes use donation boxes to raise money for Puerto Rico. Photo by Carson Lilley on Oct. 26.

Posters are made and donation boxes are constructed to offer relief to those struck by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20. Spanish classes and Students in Action have teamed up to raise money for families affected by this natural disaster.

Spanish teacher Elizabeth Jahns’ fifth year Spanish students came up with the idea of creating a fundraiser after the hurricane struck. This idea has since spread to other Spanish classes throughout the school. Students in Action’s club sponsor, Eduardo Torres, was inspired to get involved as he has family living on the island. Freshman Izzy Alexander is the leader of the Puerto Rico Relief Committee for Students in Action.

“I wanted to do something to help with Puerto Rico because I’ve been reading about it on the news and the level of destruction there is intimidating,” Alexander said. “I want to raise money and awareness so students will be motivated to support Puerto Rico.”

Spanish classes and Students in Action have established a conjoined fundraiser that has spread throughout the school. All Spanish classes have donation boxes.

“I want us to raise not only money for Puerto Rico, but bring awareness that this has been happening,” said Alexander. “I think most students dismiss it as just another hurricane, but there have been so many devastating effects.”

According to USA Today, 70 percent of the island is still without power. Many residents cannot access a secure food source or clean water.

Students can either donate through the electronic fundraiser or by putting money into the donation boxes that can be found in Spanish classrooms. Some students have even been carrying these boxes throughout the school to increase donations. The fundraiser goes through Christmas and its goal is to raise $10,000. Money will be distributed directly to churches and families in Puerto Rico.