SAT dates reliant on student readiness


Junior Emily Maersch studies for the Dec. SAT in the CCA on Nov. 2. Photo by Sydney Greenwood.

Schedules can be finicky, unaccommodating, and difficult for high school students to manage. On top of that, juniors and seniors also have to balance the SAT.  To make things more complicated, there are only specific dates students can take the test.  With the deadline for the final 2017 SAT approaching, some may be wondering whether or not they should hurry to schedule or wait until 2018.

According to Phillip Albonetti, an English teacher who runs SAT prep sessions, students should focus on being prepared for the test and not worry about the date.  He suggests finalizing schedules as soon as possible, but adds that there is no rush for spots.  

“I think it’s better to sign up for a test, and then study. Give yourself at least six weeks, if not two months of prep time.  When you have a goal, then you’re more likely to take preparation for that goal seriously,” Albonetti said.

In order to be prepared, no matter when students have signed up for the test, Albonetti highly recommends using Khan Academy, which is a website that provides study tips.  It also partners with College Board, the company that designs the SAT, to create personalized practice tests, according to College Board.  A study found that when a student spent more than 20 hours using Khan Academy’s SAT practices, the student’s score rose about 115 points.

“So, take the practice test, see what you missed, and then figure out why you missed those questions,”Albonetti said. “Khan Academy has some personalized practice that’s incredible.”