Sierra Club sprouts plans for new garden


Plans drawn on the whiteboard board before the students gathered to discuss the best methods to grow winter plants on Nov. 8. in A104. Photo by Helen Rummel.

In the spring of 1892 John Muir founded the Sierra Club in order to protect the wildlife of America. Junior Ashron Trexler, inspired by the accomplishments of Muir, set out to create a version of the Sierra Club in a more local setting.

Sierra Club, focused on the betterment of the environment in Fishers, started in the spring of this year. Over the summer the group arranged garage sales to raise money for a garden to be placed in the school greenhouse as well as future projects.

They have raised approximately $1,500 in partnership with other fundraising companies and are in the process of planning plots where vegetables and herbs can grow. The students share ideas on how to build the gardens at most meetings.

“As humans we have a responsibility just like all the other species on the earth,” Trexler said.

By the beginning of next semester, the group plans to have prepared 40 Hexcycle recycle bins. These are 30 gallon yellow containers that will go towards recycling metal cans and plastic bottles. One bin can hold up to 144 water bottles.

The club is also working with faculty and Fairtrade supervisors to provide more vegetarian and vegan options for students, such as vegan vending machines.

As for the purpose of the club, Trexler feels its incredibly important to contribute to the earth in some way, even if its not through the club.

“We have surpassed our carbon footprint and we are taking a lot of resources from the earth and we need to respond to that,” Trexler said.

Sierra Club meets every week in A104 after school on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and welcome you to come.