Club Med views medical fields


Dr. Robert Fury talks to Club Med students about what chiropractor does and the medical field around it on Dec. 6. Photo used with permission of sophomore Abigail Carter.

Zoie Soehngen, Reporter

Paging any student interested in pursuing a career in the medical department. Club Med takes members in depth through different jobs in the medical field.

“I joined this club because I had friends who were in it last year, and it sounded interesting,” sophomore Sarita Pantula said. “It looked like fun, and something that would help me get a better understanding of the medical field. It also gave me the opportunity to explore what I might want to pursue as a career.”

Every two weeks, the club meets in Dr. Lance Kuhn’s room, H227. At the meetings, there are different activities or guest speakers from different medical fields. At their last meeting on Dec. 6, Dr. Robert Fury came in and talked about what it takes to be a chiropractor.

“My favorite part is doing all of the cool activities they plan for us to do and listening to the guest speakers,” Pantula said. “We do cadaver labs, and we’re planning on doing a dissection.”

Not only does Club Med participate in labs and host a variety of speakers, students also take part in service projects throughout the year. One of these projects is serving a breakfast to families at the Ronald McDonald House at Riley Hospital.

“When I heard about this, I was really excited for it,” Pantula said. “I am a part of the Riley Dance Marathon committee, so being able to serve kids and be a part of this club was a great thought to me.”

For more information on the next meeting, email Dr. Kuhn.