Dating/Domestic Violence club plans to become in-school support group


Junior Taylor Boldevitch, one of the first members of the club, talks to senior Jacob Sanderson in the hall about the Teen Dating and Domestic Violence club on Nov. 30.

John Yun, Reporter

Teen Dating and Domestic Violence Club met for the first time on Nov. 29 in the guidance office to discuss plans for the club and its name. They want to spread awareness about domestic violence and hope to grow into a large group.


“No matter how small you feel your problem is, it still matters and is important,” one of the first members of the club and junior Taylor Boledovich said.


Members strive to make the club an outlet for students to share their own experiences and gain support. They plan to turn the club into a support group during school day after their small turnout at the first meeting. They plan to give passes out to students who are wanting to join the group.


“I think it is going to be a place where students can come and talk about what they have been through or are going through and lean on each other for support,” counselor and sponsor Amy Klink said. “We will talk about different topics each week like the signs of an abusive relationship and what is healthy and what is not.”


Klink created the club after she met students who had been in abusive relationships and kids who had a parent that would abuse the other parent. Klink also met a student that was involved in another outside organization that spread domestic violence awareness.


“As someone who has been through an abusive relationship in my own past in high school, this is something that I am passionate about,” Klink said. “I want to make sure that nobody goes through [an abusive relationship].”


February is domestic awareness months, so the club plans to get the word out during school through posters and at lunch. They hope to gather as many people as they can, and they hope that the club will grow significantly.


If students would like to know more or join the group, they can contact Klink.