Dungeons and Dragons escapes, explores


Seniors Pavek Tumsar, Zach Bratton and John Whelan manage their own campaign on Jan. 19. Photo by Claire Rosenthall.

While the dungeon master maintains the setting of the story, players take on the role of characters who have to solve problems, battle and interact with one another. Dungeons and Dragons club offers students a break from real life in which they must team up to succeed.

Club sponsor and science teacher Heather Ferguson created the club as she herself often plays.

“It is a super fun way for students to come and have fun after a long week at school,” Ferguson said. “I love the game and getting  to play with the students who enjoy it as much as I do is awesome.”

Each player takes on a role of a character in a fictional setting. As this character, they have to solve dilemmas, engage in battle and gather knowledge of their journey. The person who controls and referees the game is known as a dungeon master. They ensure that each player participates fairly and construct the setting players will be in.

The game can teach students about problem-solving and learning how to overcome problems with help from others.

“Through this club, I have met so many people and have grown closer to them which helps a lot while playing the game,” junior William Green said. “You are faced with a lot of problems throughout the game and you need to be able to work with your group in order to fix them.”

Dungeons and Dragons club meets Friday after school in Ferguson’s room H212. For more information about Dungeons and Dragons, visit the official website.