Wintertainment tradition cancelled for the next few years


Senior Nicholas Mark and Junior Gabriel Glover perform a percussion piece in last year’s Wintertainment. Photo by Megan Jessup.

Ethan Everett, Reporter

The Wintertainment talent show tradition has been canceled this year following a ten-year history.

“When we first started Wintertainment, there was a lot of variety in the acts,” Arts Director Andy Smith said. “Over time, it’s become more of a ‘sing-a-long’, so it’s lost its luster.”

According to Smith, the attendance size during the show has decreased over the last few years as some of the more diverse acts have been replaced with musical performances. The number of auditions has gone down as well.

“It feels like a house that’s been put on the market for a really long time but hasn’t gotten a lot of traffic,” Smith said. “It might be best to take it off, and wait three or four years before bringing it back.”

Wintertainment originally started out as a fundraiser for Prom, but it later partnered with Riley.  The purpose may be maintained in the upcoming years as Wintertainment is replaced by other events during the show’s hiatus.

“We’re going to focus on other lighter events for now, though we don’t know what those are yet,” Smith said. “Then in a few years we’ll consider trying to kick [Wintertainment] back up.”

Additional information will be released in the upcoming years regarding the future of Wintertainment. If you have any questions, you can reach Andy Smith at [email protected]