African American Heritage celebration tells story through dance, speeches


Explosion Dance Team performs their dance in front of the crowd during the African American Heritage celebration. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza on Feb. 15.

“Our Story,” that was the theme for African American Heritage Celebration on Feb. 15. The event held live music by FHS Jazz Band, poems, interactive experiences and historically black colleges.

“I think is really important to celebrate the achievement of black people because we don’t always get recognized, it is nice to have a special month just for us,” junior Millie Obungu said.

The ceremony started with junior Sterling Brown as a presentation, thanking special guests and introducing the next presentations following a performance by the Explosion Dance Team. The dancers wore camouflage pants and made a series of jumps with quick movements. The people who were standing behind the dancers held pictures of blacks who faced unlawful accusation or were wrongly killed.

“I’m proud to be here because I want to celebrate the achievements of black Americans,” Obungu said. “Represent all of the achievements that black people have made throughout the years in America, celebrating the progress and recognizing that we still have a lot to achieve.”

Senior Kennedy Hervey followed afterwards, starting her poem with “Am I Black Enough?” alongside a piano tune with jazz in the background. Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera followed after, discussing  equity and inclusion in the black community. Principal Urban Jason wrapped the ceremony up and dismissed everyone for food and to look at the work of student artists, showcased in the cafeterias.