Communication Counts Club opens doors to all forms of speech


Junior Kaila Claxton and sponsor Juile Cutter meet after school to discuss the future of the Communication Counts Club on March 13. Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

Everyone speaks differently. Some have accents, some stutter. The Communication Counts Club, run by speech language pathologist Juile Cutter, welcomes the different ways people talk.


”It’s mostly for people with a communication disability, but anyone can join,” junior Kaila Claxton said. “It’s a safe place for people to come, talk and be themselves. My goal is to get away from the stigma of communication disabilities.”


The club was previously called the Stuttering Awareness Club. However the name was changed to extend to students who are autistic, speak English as a second language or use Sign Language.

”Once we get more people, we kind of want to be a place where people can talk,” Claxton said. “And in May, we usually just have a stuttering booth. But this year, I want to branch it out into a booth with more communication disorders.”


Next meeting the club plans to make signs to spread the word on their club. In May the club prepares a booth in the cafeteria about communication disorders. They also have a reserved table in the lunchroom during this time.


Communication Counts Club will meet March 27 after school in D11. Anyone can join the club, whether they have a communication disorder or not.