Competitive readers gather final pages over spring break


English teacher Bridgit Goss (right) reads Still Me by Jojo Moyes, with her teammate English teacher Haley Care (left) for the March Reading Madness competition. Photo by Lance Marshall on March 29.

Lance Marshall, Reporter

Mudsock March Reading Madness is a fun reading competition amongst teams consisting of teachers and students. The school also competes against HSE competitors.

Teams consist of no more than four readers. Those without a team entered into a potluck system where they were placed on a random team with other readers.

“I would recommend people to participate in this event next year, because the competition aspect makes reading a little more fun,” English teacher Haley Care said. “It also has made me conscious of how much time I get to read, so I have tried to schedule more time in my day to read for fun.”

The competition records pages read in books books, articles, websites or homework. Text messages and social media posts do not count towards this competition.

“I read a lot of non-fiction articles, but I have also finished two books since we started,” Care said.

As of right now the top five teams are WDR, Feminine Mystiques, Team Aides, The Real Page Turners and Mildred and the Pips. The competition will last until the end of spring break.

The top-scoring team will receive a $100 Amazon gift card to the top team and the top reader out of the whole competition will receive a $50 amazon gift card.