Student encourages philanthropy through non-profit organization


Junior Rahil Thanawala and his family attend the 2016 seminar which announced the launch of the SnapLink Mobile App. Photo used with permission of Rahil Thanawala.

Ethan Everett, Reporter

Junior Rahil Thanawala officially received a prestigious award known as the “100 Heroes” on March 12 by United Way, an international support and leadership organization, to recognize the philanthropic contributions individuals make in their community.

The “100 Heroes” award is given out by the United Way to celebrate the countdown for their 100-year anniversary. Thanawala was recognized by United Way through several outreach activities.

“I took part in a program called Youth Resources, which youth can apply to for grants to work in the community,” Thanawala said. “Using this grant, I bought books for the YMCA daycare center, and improved the quality of the local Humane Society cat shelter.”

Thanawala is also the founder and president of non-profit organization “The SnapLink,” which aims to assist people with Alzheimer’s disease through the use of an app and custom puzzles designed to assist with memory. The app offers many features, including schedule reminders, memory games, and a photo slideshow generator.

“I saw a need in the community that needed to be addressed, and the United Way of Central Indiana was avenue for me to accomplish my goals through their fundraisers and grants,” Thanawala said. “I advise all students: if there is a dream or goal which they want to accomplish, they should seek out community outreach programs [like the United Way].”