April showers bring snow, not flowers


Students walk to the buses in the 70 degree weather on Thursday April 12. Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

When people think of spring, they think of warm weather and lots of sunshine. Contrary to this though, the past few weeks have brought snow and temperatures in the 30s and 40s.


“This weather has been crazy,” junior Rebekah Atkins said. “It’s basically been all four seasons in a day.”


However, this weather has occurred before. The Indy Channel states that on March 19, 1906 there were 12.1 inches of snow. Even on May 9, 1923, there were some accounts of snow.


People might consider this to be impossible spring weather, yet according to Weather.com, snow is still possible even in spring conditions despite not lasting long. When it has snowed in the past weeks, it normally melts by the afternoon.


Weather.com also says that spring does not have the right requirements to allow snow on the ground for long periods of time. With the sun titled more towards the sun during the spring equinox, snow can not stay on the ground because of the higher amounts of sun.


“I think the weather may be different later in the year,” Atkins said. “Since it has stayed cold in April, maybe we’ll have a longer summer and it’ll stay warmer in the fall.”


Adding melting snow with rain equals flooding though, as the White River and East Fork White Rivers have risen, according to IndyStar. Central Indiana has also seen flooding.


However, temperatures have been in the upper 50s and 60s, even sometimes rising into the 70s. Throughout next week, temperatures will start in the 40’s and by the end of next week will rise into the 60s, according to Accuweather.