Yearbook distributes annual “baby”


Junior Kaylee Demlow and Senior Kylie Haslem look with pride at their completed yearbook on May 8. Photo by Kristine Brown.

Ethan Everett , Reporter

This week, the yearbook will be distributed and pickup will be situated outside of Café A, open during lunch.


Upperclassman can pick up their books starting Wednesday, and anyone can pick it up the remainder of that week. Those who did not preorder a year book can purchase them for $75 Friday, May 18, provided that there are yearbooks remaining. Those who are uncertain about whether or not they preordered can check the list outside of Cafe A.


The release of the yearbook comes as a moment of pride for members of the yearbook staff.


“It takes nine months to create the yearbook, so it really is like our baby,” editor-in-chief senior Kylie Haslem said. “We put a lot of pride and passion into the yearbook, so seeing it distributed will be all the more rewarding.”


A three-year member of the yearbook class, Haslem feels that this particular yearbook is especially important to her.


“As lead editor, I was the one who got to make all of the final decisions,” Haslem said. “I can’t even tell you how many afterhours I put into creating this project, and when I got to press the button to submit it to the printers, it was a real climactic moment for me.”