(Update) Candidates compete for school board seat

Frank  Whelan (right) and Josh Richardson  (left) will be among the candidates running for the HSE school board in the Nov. election.

Photos used with permission of Frank Whelan and Josh Richardson, respectively.

Frank Whelan (right) and Josh Richardson (left) will be among the candidates running for the HSE school board in the Nov. election.

N the Red published an article on Oct. 22 which profiled the candidates in the upcoming HSE District School Board election taking place on Nov. 6. We were not able to reach two of the candidates, Frank Whelan and Joshua Richardson, before the story deadline. In an effort to give equal exposure to all candidates, we reached out to them for an interview and received responses from both of them.

Question 1: Why are you running for HSE School Board?

Frank Whelan: We have a great school system as a community, but we can make it even better. I want to help the students, administrators, teachers, parents, community leaders and residents of Fishers create a vision that brings education in our community to a level that focuses on a culture of engagement, accountability, inclusion and growth for the students and staff. I pledge to listen to all and bring feedback to the board. I advocate for being fiscally responsible and ensuring transparency in all aspects of our bid and referendum processes.

Joshua Richardson: I’d like to work to build stronger connections between the schools and the community, especially with local business and industry. We have a generous community that support our schools, but I think often they see their support more as “charitable” rather than an investment in their future workforce. I think the more we can do to ensure our schools consider the needs of local business, and the more businesses consider the needs of our schools, the more successful both will be.

Question 2: What do you want to improve about HSE schools?

Frank Whelan: Students need to be #1 in every decision we make. Our schools have to continue to build strong community partnerships and embrace a complete approach to a student’s development while maintaining safe school environments. We have to bridge the equity gaps and make sure we have equal access for all students and staff.
We need to continue to listen to our community and businesses so students are college and career ready. We must recruit more actively and go after the talent we want and need to accomplish the district’s vision. For existing staff we need to embrace a healthy culture that encourages continuing professional development and coaching so that we can retain our best teachers and develop the next generation of educational leaders.

Joshua Richardson: We have a school corporation that performs well and that people take great pride in, and that is something that can’t happen without board leadership. Being a school board member isn’t a job that brings fame or fortune, but it does take effort and a somewhat significant amount of time. Our board is made up of people who have a desire to serve their community, and I respect that very much and hope to be able to contribute. I’d like to see continued efforts towards transparency and the board has recently taken steps to broadcast board meetings, and I think that is a welcome move.

Question 3: When or where can people contact you further?

Frank Whelan:

Web Site: http://www.whelan4hseschools.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whelan4hseschools/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/@whelan4hse
Email: [email protected]

Joshua Richardson:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/HSEJRichardson
Twitter: @HSEJRichardson