Road to college: Finding a roommate


Photo by Carson Lilley.

Senior Ashlanna Murray browses Purdue’s housing page in search of a dorm on Jan. 25.

It is officially that point of the year when seniors cannot make it from one class to the other without someone stopping them in the hallway and asking if they know who they are rooming with in college next year. The search is on for seniors to find a roommate before housing applications open.

After seniors decide where they want to go to college, they must next determine what residence hall they will live in and who they will room with. Students must fill out a housing application, which is a contract that students sign to confirm living in campus housing that school year.

Housing applications typically ask generic questions, as well as questions about lifestyle preferences. They also provide space for a roommate request.

Seniors have the option to room with a friend or to “go random,” which entails the college matching them up with another student at that school. Senior Abby Sutton, who is attending Indiana University, wanted to solidify a roommate before the housing application opened on Feb. 1. She decided to share a room with senior Emily Maersch.

“Emily and I have been really good friends since sophomore year and although people say not to room with someone you’re close with, she’s my best friend and we never argue,” Sutton said. “I could see us living together because we have a lot in common and agree on the same stuff.”

The housing application at Purdue opened on Jan. 15, the same day decisions came out. In order to help admitted students meet and find roommates, it has an admitted students Facebook page. However, some students such as senior Ashlanna Murray prefer finding their roommate at school.

“I am most likely going to room with someone from our school,” Murray said. “I would feel more comfortable living with someone I already know and it’s less scary than doing a randomized roommate.”

Whether students choose to room with someone from school, someone they met online or room with someone random, all housing applications have to be filled out and submitted to the college by the deadline. All colleges have different deadlines, which can be found on their websites.

“The process of finding a roommate and housing is so exciting to me because it’s nice to actually start planning for college rather than just think about it,” Murray said.