Humane society offers tips on animal care


Photo used with permission of Tribune News Service.

Members of the Humane Society help to rescue and care for animals at risk across the US each year.

Olivia Buchtenkirk, Cartoonist

State director of the United States Humane Society Erin Huang recently spoke at the Animal Rescue club about ways on how as a community we can get involved and help the humane society. Some simple ways to help is to volunteer at the shelter, donate toys and food, raise money, dog walking at the shelter and even playing with kittens at the shelter.

Being the state director, Erin Huang does not just work on cats and dogs but also helps with several animals. This includes stopping cosmetic testing on animals and hunting as well as making horse slaughter barns illegal and protecting sharks fins. Since Erin has so much hands-on experience from being involved, she pointed out another way citizens citizens can be responsible is the importance of not supporting puppy mills. Erin Huang gave tips on how to do so. Those include being able to see the mother and father of the puppy, the breeder not meeting up in a odd location such as a parking lot and being able to see where the puppy is being kept.

We have the power to help combat animal cruelty in Indiana. How we can help is to spot the signs of animal cruelty which are chained dogs, hoarding, and lack of veterinary care. Then how to take action is to call 911 or have your local animal welfare agency number saved to your phone.

“Come together be a voice, make a change.” Erin Huang said. Together even if it’s just donating a toy to your local shelter we can makes animals lives in Indiana better.