Riley Dance Marathon has inaugural meeting


Photo by Rebekah Schultz

Riley leaders about to begin the meeting.

Riley Dance Marathon club raised a total of $114,578.64 last year and is now planning to achieve $125,000 this year.

“We are adding a couple things to fundraising this year to help beat our total,” vice president of internal events senior Mia contino said. “We are designing optional apparel to sell out to the committee and others and trying to make our small events more successful!”

Other small events that are not as popular as the dance marathon or the fashion show are All Treats no Tricks, Princess party, and the Carnation Sale.

RDM had its first official meeting on Aug 28 in the LGI at 7 AM and 3 PM. This meeting discussing the colors the members are going to be assigned for color wars as well as to collect the 10 dollar membership fee.

The next meeting is planned to be on Sept 11.

“As an executive team we have been able to plan quite a few new events for this year,” executive of mini marathons senior Alexis Castallani said. “We are hoping that will help us raise more money along with online fundraising.”