Assistant Principal Kyle Goodwin looks to be on ‘Survivor’


Photo used with permission of Kyle Goodwin

Assistant Principal Kyle Goodwin is a finalist to be on CBS ‘Survivor’

Assistant Principal Kyle Goodwin is a finalist to be on CBS’s ‘Survivor’. According to Goodwin and he has applied to be on the show every single year since he turned 18.

“I’ll be the squeaky wheel until they do so,” Goodwin said.

According to Goodwin, he has watched every single episode and never missed an episode since the show first aired in the summer of 2000.

“This seems like the ultimate adventure. It’s a social game, and I like putting myself in new environments and meeting new people.” Goodwin said, “Pumped for that possibility.”

According to Goodwin various skills are required to be selected to go on the show, which has aired 37 seasons so far and is currently airing season 38.

“First and foremost, you have to know how to relate to people. It’s a social game. And not only do I think I can do that well, but I find real joy in doing so. You also have to be strategic and adaptable, things I at least hope I bring to the table,” Goodwin said.

At the time of this article 14 episodes of season 38 of the show have been released according to CBS’s website.