Wizards come to pay annual visit


Photo by Mia Morales.

The Wizards group up to entertain the masses in the FHS Faculty Celebrities-Wizards game on Nov. 30, 2017.

With their big dunks and flying threes, the Harlem Wizards will be visiting on Thursday, Dec. 9. The Wizards play the FHS Celebrities, and they know what they are in for.

“It’s acrobatic and high flying,” English teacher Ross Springman, a participant in the 2017 game, said. “These guys can do extraordinary things with the basketball, from ball handling to ridiculous dunks.”

This is not the first visit for the team from Harlem. For their third straight year, they come to entertain the city.

“It’s a whole community event,” Springman said. “It’s an opportunity for the community to not only support FHS basketball but FHS as a whole.”

For the Celebrities, there is a wide range of experience. Some of the players in the past played basketball when they were in high school or college while for some it is their first time playing the game. Either way, the teachers want students there.

“Students should come because it’s incredibly entertaining and there’s a chance a favorite teacher will get dunked on,” Springman said.

The students do indeed come. For many, the game is worth the price of admission.

“The Wizards are pretty funny,” sophomore Spencer Smith said. “I remember this one guy named Sarge and he’s good at basketball and dancing for the crowd.”

Smith went to the event last year and plans to go again this year. This year, he wants a Celebrities win.

“I hope they practiced more this year,” Smith said. “I also hope we got some NBA players.”

Some skeptics like Smith believe that the Celebrities do not stand a chance this year. But for the players, they have had fun regardless.

“It’s fun on the Celebrities side as well,” Springman said. “Regardless of whether you’re athletic or not, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is just there to enjoy themselves.”