Cheer flips, tumbles, and chants their way to nationals


Elon Scott, Staff Writer/Photojournalist

This year was the the first year that the cheerleaders were invited to participate in nationals at the Dallas Convention Center in Texas. Going was an honor for the cheerleaders who had practiced relentlessy the previous semester in the hopes of being invited to such an event. They competed on the weekend of Jan. 7 and 8 in Dallas, Texas.
“At nationals we really came together as a team because we needed to. We performed exceptionally well and to get third our first time at nationals is unheard of. It was so rewarding to see all or our hard work and long practices finally paying off,” said senior Erika Robinson.
Girls that were chosen to be on the competition squad had to be hard-working and skilled in their sport. They worked hard, cheering long practices each day after school in preparation of making their way to nationals.
“Our main goal was always to make it to nationals,” said senior Robinson.
With this goal acheived and a trophy for third place in their trophy cace the girls only plan to take it up another notch for next year. The seniors of the squad are happy to leave the school on a good note, having accomplished a first for the school. First place is on the agenda for next year.