Former Air Force Medic is now a teacher

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

Special education teacher, Dorothy Martin, arrived on the teacher faculty last spring. Martin previously taught at Riverside Junior High and New Britton Elementary. Martin enjoys all aspects of her job, especially seeing her students develop.She did not get a degree because she went into the Air Force. Instead, Martin got a paraprofessional certification.

“I like to see the growth of the students, to know they believe in themselves because they can do it,” Martin said.

The school year has been an interesting experience for Martin so far. She appreciates how the students in different grade levels interact with each other.

“It is great to see the older kids help out the younger ones with everything,” Martin said.

In her free time, she likes to be with her family and watch movies. She also works at the sporting events doing several things such as ticket-taking.

At one point Martin served our country as a medic in the Air Force. She said it was a fun and interesting experience, but she had to leave when her children were born. Since her husband was also in the Air Force, Martin did not want she and her husband to be deployed at the same time.

As a mother and a wife, Martin values time spent with her family. Her oldest daughter graduated last year from here, and her youngest daughter is currently attending FHS.