Show choir brings students together

Hannah Eli, Staff reporter

Once a week the members of the show choirs gather together after school to practice the songs and dances like those popularized by the Fox show “Glee.” Just like the kids at McKinley High School, there is tension between members and big competitions, but there is also a family dynamic.

Sophomore Fiyori Kidane, member of the advanced co-ed Silver Streak choir, said that members get together outside of school to get to know each other better. The bonds formed make it difficult to say goodbye when performers graduate.

“Some of the freshman even cried at senior night last year, and we’d only been there for a year,” said Kidane.

Closeness helps to keep the group together during stressful competition seasons, said Kidane, when practices increase to twice a week plus class time. Competitions take up most of a Saturday, with the performers arriving at school as early as five in the morning.

According to Kidane, even with the amount of time spent practicing, show choir is a challenge. Not many members take voice or dance lessons to ease the stress, and minor conflicts can come up when auditioning for solos. In addition, the choreography pushes performers to new limits.

“Last year I struggled a little with the dances, but this year it’s better since I’ve got more experience,” said Kidane of her gradual improvement.

On Glee, the kids have to deal with losing competitions and the disappointment that follows. The real life show choir performers support each other if they make mistakes at competitions and handle loss with optimism and grace.

“Even if we don’t win, the main thing is that we all try our best,” said Kidane. “The fun of the competitions is more important than whether we win or lose.”