Biology teacher hopes to bring new perpsectives

Abigale Hutton, Design Editor

High school biology is a change from seventh grade science. Biology teacher Wafa Safi used to teach at Riverside Junior High before she came here.

“[My goal] is to always make science fun,” Safi said. “And to show how it isn’t a foreign language and how it applies to everyday life.”

Safi says she really loves it here and all the teachers are nice to each other. Also, she thinks the students are great. She has enjoyed working here so far.

Safi has taught for twelve years and has two degrees, a bachelors degree in environmental science and masters in educational administrations.

Safi speaks two other languages, Arabic and Spanish. She wishes to learn new perspectives on life and to share them. She enjoys watching “The Goonies” and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.