Temporary but teacher in the history department

Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

New Social Studies teacher Kelly Siegert is a graduate from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After doing her undergraduate work in history and anthropology she then switched to the education department for social studies. She now teaches World History and two sections of AP World History in replacement of one of the old teachers, Jenna Bergren.Before coming to FHS, Siegert taught at an inner city charter school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Siegert also worked for a non-profit organization, based on historic preservation, for a while. Siegert took time off between teaching to spend time with her twin daughters. It has not been too long that
she’s been teaching.“First of all, [FHS] is a really nice building compared to a lot of schools I’ve been inside of,” said Siegert. “The staff has been really friendly, really helpful. I think the students have been really
great as well.”

According to Siegert, she is temporary as of right now but depending on what happens in the future that could change.