Jeff Coffin visits FHS

Jeremy Beaver , Staff Reporter

FHS’s Jazz Ensemble received a clinic from Jeff Coffin, and later that night, had him and his band, Mu’tet, perform as a part of their concert. Coffin is most famously known as the saxophone player for Dave Matthews and is a three-time Grammy winner.

 After the ensemble performed for a half hour, Coffin was introduced and conducted the next few songs along with Jazz director, Charles Kunz. After another half hour of songs conducted by Coffin and Kunz, the stage was cleared and Mu’tet performed.

“I just really enjoyed having him be there to play,” Kunz said. “It’s always a great opportunity when students get the chance to learn from a professional.”

After the show, Coffin sold Mu’tet CDs, posters, and shirts. Coffin was more than happy to hang around, sign autographs and talk to people.

Kunz does wish he had a little more time with his old college friend. Last time Coffin came to FHS, he did the clinic Thursday night, did a Friday night rehearsal, and then played Saturday.

“Practice. If you love the instrument, work at it,” Emmy award winning saxophonist Coffin said. “No one can stop yourself from learning anything you want, but yourself.”

Both graduating from the University of North Texas, Coffin and Kunz played saxophone together in marching band. Coffin’s dreams were to make it big and Kunz just wanted to teach. While Kunz was getting his jazz major, Coffin was starting to play for people, and eventually worked up to Dave Matthews.

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