National Honor Society

Hailey Rennier, Staff reporter

NHS, or National Honor Society,  is a student  group that requires five community service hours and four peer tutoring hours per semester. Studenst must maintain a high GPA and good character traits.
Junior Keegan O’Leary talks about the club being very involved with the high school community.
“I get my community service hours by helping out at sporting events, anything for church, your basic community service,” O’Leary said.
After volunteering, students must fill out a form with their hours listed  and contact information. Tutoring has the same requirements.
“NJHS, National Junior Honor Society, required many more hours. Up to 50 hours were required of each student,” O’Leary said.
The club meets once a month, usually on the first Wednesday. Some students are helping out the week of Feb. 25, at Harrison Parkway Elementary. The school is having their extra curricular activities, where kids can stay after and participate in fun projects and games. If they choose to, NHS members can earn some of their hours by helping out and volunteering.