No Indiana teams wrap up March Madness 2k13

Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

Many Hoosiers had their heart set on Indiana University winning the 76th March Madness tourney this year because of their winning streaks and few losses.

“IU was predicted to win it all this season,” head freshman basketball coach Andrew Fountain said.

Indiana University made it as far as the Sweet 16 [the fourth round] when they lost to Syracuse University by 11 points. The actual champion was Louisville University beating Michigan University by six points.

“They [Indiana University] struggled against teams that could stop them from running and had big guards,” Fountain said.

Indiana University and Butler University were the only Indiana teams to make it to the second round. Butler University lost to Marquette University in the third round by two points.

“Notre Dame just didn’t have enough weapons to beat Iowa State,” Fountain said.

Next season Indiana University will be losing players: Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, Victor Oladipo, and Jordan Hulls but according to Fountain they probably have a good recruiting class coming in.