Señora Baker joins language department


Jeremy Beaver, Reporter

Standing at five foot five inches tall, Spanish teacher Mindy Baker is one among the many new members FHS has added to their staff8-30-13 Mrs. Baker - Maas this year.

Growing up, Baker loved Spanish class.This influenced her in the choosing of her future career as a Spanish teacher. Before coming to FHS, Baker taught high school at Camdentown High School in Missouri. She spent one year teaching at Camdentown, and then she moved to Indiana and started teaching at Carmel High School.

After a short stint at Carmel, she took off to raise her kids and spend time with them. Twelve years later, she returned to Riverside Junior High and taught English and was a floating sub before coming to FHS to teach Spanish.

“When teaching at Carmel, I had kids, so I quit and was a floating sub for awhile,” Baker said. “I, then, went to Riverside Junior High for awhile before I found out about the opening here at FHS.”

She says it is too early to tell whether FHS is easier or harder than her previous schools, however, she appreciates the longer time and faster pace.

Baker resides from Iowa and has three kids Chelsea, Courtney and Josiah.