Fine Arts Fridays has a dance off

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 22 from 7:10 to 7:35, students may have walked past the media center and witnessed something out of the ordinary. About eight students or so signed up to participate in the competition, and they showed off their skills in a full out dance-off.

About 50 students were in the media center watching the dancers, hollering and cheering for them as they break danced, hip hopped and did various other techniques to display their skills.
Some students came simply because of the huge crowd that it attracted, while others came to watch their friends and be supportive.

“My friends are dancing in the competition, and they do it as a hobby,” junior Tuong Thai said.

As if the loud techno music was not enough, there was a cardboard platform in the center of the room that was available for students to dance on, a student DJ mixing up the music on a decent-sized sound system, one student disguised with a gold mask, and the librarian Renee Ison even got into it. She participated and learned some new dance moves from one of the dancers. It was a party in the media center.

“We came here for a dance battle,” senior dancer Joshua Vespo said. “I have danced for the last three years, and I believe you should dance like nobody is watching and follow your dreams.”