Part-time jobs helps manage the clock, develop responsibility


Scan0015 copyAs students get older they start to drive and go out with friends a lot. Soon students are expected to quit relying on their parents for their financial desires. Students may dread the thought of working and managing school at the same time, others may be searching for jobs so they can make something of their free time.

According to Marie Anderson, writer for the news site, the more students keep themselves busy the better their time management improves. Time management is setting priorities. If a student goes to school and work they need to have priorities. If a student tends to procrastinate with tasks, a job is most likely for them becuase it will help them develop priorities and practice managing time well.

Many benefits to a students’ future could come from a job. Teens can improve work ethic, learn new skills and even build character. According to GlobalPost the experience of working will help a student develop responsibility, commitment, independence and accountability. These skills are very important for when college comes.

A job is a step up to being an adult. It may sound like a lot of work and no time for fun or friends, but teens will get used to it and develop a way to make time. Because that is what jobs do, they help students prioritize the right and important goals.

There are a variety of reasons students get jobs. It could be to help support their family or just to save up for something the student really wants and has to or decides to earn it themselves. According to Ben Wolfgang, reporter for The Washington Times, in 2012 about 16 percent of high school students had jobs and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Some high school students already have a lot on their plate, especially honor roll students. A lot of these skills can be learned in many different ways.

For example, if a student does their job in and focuses on high school they will quite a lot of skills they will apply in the real world. Interactive high school students, ones who are into extracarricular activity, will also learn to build character.

Although, if a student has a lot of freetime, it is best that they go ahead and take that time to go and get one. You are making your own money that you can spend on practically anything you want and you can practice on financially supporting yourself. Parents may say they will always be there, but living under your parents’ roof, under their financial support, is not exactly something to be proud of.

Students could actually take some time and talk to their parents about their own financial responsibilites so the student and their parents are on the right terms. There are some items parents might provide or award their child with in the future. Setting goals and creating plans with parents is a great way to begin a pathway to independency.

For example freshman can even talk to their parents about their financial goals throughout their high school career. Being proactive will really benefit in the future with college financially and when it comes to being independant.

A student is to go through high school and have fun yet be serious and prepare for college. Once a student graduates they are expected to go to school for another four years and earn a degree. They later graduate and some find a job right away but there are a lot of cases where the graduated student is stuck at home looking for a job after all those years of studying and school. Getting a part-time job in high school is valuable practice for the real world. If you can not substantially be independent you are not really in control of your own life.