French Club enhances their experience


Luka Skudrzik, Reporter

“We (French club) exist to have fun and also learn by having fun,” Geisinger said.”

French Club brings together a group of students interested in an authentic French culture. The club exposes its’ members to a variety of aspects in the native French culture. An appreciation of the French culture expands through activities such as eating and watching movies.

They meet once a month, but the days are unscheduled; the dates are discussed at the meetings. The group either meets in one of the French classrooms or in the cafeteria. Almost all the activities include eating authentic French food and speaking French, it is like a party most times.

Students in Honors French three are speaking in the French language. – Photo taken by Kaitie Gucinski

“We try to eat at every event which makes us unique,” French teacher and club sponsor Jessica Geisinger said.

Along with parties, the French Club will also have out-of-school experiences. For instance, they went to see the musical Les Misérables. This semester they will go to a restaurant.

Geisinger decided to sponsor the club because she noticed that students really like it. After that, French teachers Dahnya Chop and Cara Clippinger joined in and helped with the club. They welcome anyone who is in French, or has completed the first year of it, to join; all they have to do is pay the three dollar fee.

“We exist to have fun and also learn by having fun,” Geisinger said.